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Map Projections Russia
Gauss-Krueger RU under construction
Reference Surface:
Projection: Gauss-Krueger  (similar to Transverse Mercator)
Zones:   4-32 (6-degrees wide)
Spheroid: Krasovsky (1946)
Units:   meters
Datum:   Pulkovo 1942
    USER_DEFINED 25 -141 -78.5 0 0.35 0.736 0
Scale factor:  1.000 (compared to UTM's 0.9996)
Easting (y):500 000 m
The spheroid is Krassovsky (1946):
Semi-major axis: a=6378245.000m
Semi-minor axis: b=6356863m
   (a-b)/a = 1/298.3
Map projection is Gauss-Krueger(sp?)
This is very similar to UTM but has unit (1.000) scale along main
meridian of a 6-degree zone, whereas UTM has 0.9996 scale.

Northing ( x ) is measured from equator,
Easting ( y ) is represented as
   n mmm mmm
where n is zone number (first zone is 0-6 degrees east of Greenwich)
mmm mmm is meters measured so that main meridian of the zone has
y=500 000m