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General Aspects of Map Projections Map Projection
A projection method is a conversion describing the mapping from a mathematical earthmodel (spheroid like a sphere or ellipsoid) to the plane.
It is not possible to map from a curved surface like a sphere or ellipsoid to a plane without distortion.
There are a lot of different map projection methods known. In literature, more than 200 methods are found.
There are different possibilities for describing the properties and characteristics of map projections.
  • mathematical or geometrical properties:
    • extrinsics (e.g. shape and aspect of the mapping surface)
    • intrinsics (e.g. distortion behaviour as conformity, equal area condition, equidistant lines ...)
  • applying map projection methods for specific purposes (e.g. area of usage (dimension, position on the earth, shape of the region...):
    • choosing the optimized map projection parameters covering the needs best