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Hooijberg 1997 - Practical Geodesy. Using Computers Bibliography Geodetic Reference System
Hooijberg, Maarten (1997):
Practical Geodesy.
Using Computers.
Berlin, Heidelberg, New York u.a.: Springer.
ISBN: 3-540-61826-0
Written for geodesists using computers of modest capacity, the book reviews the latest development in geodetic computation techniques. The aim is to take stock of available data (datums, ellipsoids, units etc.), to focus on applications and to illuminate spatial developments. Topics cover datums and reference systems, geodetic arc distances, different projections and coordinate systems. The material has been specially chosen and covers the practical aspect of geodesy, including the demonstration of global examples. Stressing the how-to-do approach, the book is of interest to students in geodesy, GIS consultants, hydrographers and land surveyors.
Table of Content
  • Preamble.
  • BASIC Guidelines & Algorithms.
  • Datums and Reference Systems.
  • Geodetic Arc Distances.
  • Conformal Projections in General.
  • Gauss-Krüger Projection.
  • Lambert's Conformal Conical Projection.
  • Oblique Mercator Projection.
  • Spatial Coordinate Calculations.
  • Miscellaneous Coordinate Systems.
  • Appendix.
  • Bibliography.
  • Indices.