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Voser 1999a - Cartometric Aspects of Hybrid Analysis within GIS download english
Stefan A. Voser, 1999
Cartometric Aspects of Hybrid Analysis within GIS
SMATI 1999 Workshop - Semantic Modelling and Acquisition of Topographic objects from maps and Images
7. September 1999, Technical University of Munich, Proceedings
Keywords: Spatial Analysis, Hybrid Data Processing, Raster, Vector, Data Structures
Abstract: Cartometry gets applied to geospatial data. This incudes making measurements and queries of coordinates, distances, areas, angles as well as counting features. These functions are basic services for the access to spatial data and for spatial operations like measurements and locational analysis.
These cartometric services have to be established into the aim of integrating GIS and Remote Sensing at structural and operational level. This integrating aim requires a bridging of raster and vector spaces called hybrid analysis. When applying this to cartometry, metrically homogenized services have to be developed.
In this paper, first a generic design of spatial analysis operations is presented. Then, a zoom into various metrics in raster and vector is given to show their systematic deformations compared to the Euclidean one. This is done for the distance function applied to a straight line. The metric deformations depend on the direction of the line and on the raster resolution.
A further zoom is made into the metrics of the areal location analysis operation Buffer. Buffer is a simple geometric operation with an area as its result. A comparison of various buffering algorithms in raster and vector is done as a step towards hybrid data processing.