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Legendre Adrien-Marie Geometry
* September 18, 1752, Paris, France,
+ January 10, 1833, Paris
French mathematician whose distinguished work on elliptic integrals provided basic analytic tools  for mathematical physics.
In [Legendre 1794]: "In his "Eléments" Legendre greatly rearranged and simplified many of the  propositions from Euclid's "Elements" to create a more effective textbook. Legendre's work  replaced Euclid's "Elements" as a textbook in most of Europe and, in succeeding translations, in  the United States and became the prototype of later geometry texts. In "Eléments" Legendre gave  a simple proof that π is irrational, as well as the first proof that π^2 is irrational, and conjectured  that π is not the root of any algebraic equation of finite degree with rational coefficients."[hom]
[Legendre 1794]: Legendre Adrien-Marie: Eléments de géometrie.