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Annoni/Luzet 2000 - Spatial Reference Systems for Europe Bibliography Geodetic Reference System download
Annoni, Alessandro; Luzet, Claude (Eds.):
Spatial Reference Systems for Europe.
EC- Workshop 29-30 Nov 1999, Marne - La Vallée;
Proceedings and Recommendations. European Communities 2000.
(= EUR 19575 EN.)
Table of Content
  • The Workshop Summary - Claude Luzet
  • The EC Requirements related to Spatial Reference Systems - Alessandro Annoni
  • GI2000: towards an European Policy Framework for Geographic Information - Martin Littlejohn
  • The GISCO Database and Spatial Reference System Torbiörn Carlquist
  • CLC2000 - Emerging Needs for a Standard European Reference System - Chris Steenmans, Vanda Perdigao
  • Civil Aviation Requirements for Data in a Common Reference System - Paul Dunkley
  • Spatial Reference Systems: The OGC's Efforts and Concepts of Measurement Based GIS - Martin Staudinger
  • LaClef - a Geodetic Service Provider - T. Hancock, C. Luzet, B. Farrell
  • The European Vertical GPS Reference Network (EUVN)
  • How to make Optimal Use of the Conventional European Reference System ETRS89 - Erich Gubler
  • Spatial Reference by Coordinates for GIS (concepts and status of relevant standards - ISO & CEN) - Johannes Ihde
  • The Internet Collection of Map Projections and Reference Systems for Europe - Stefan A. Voser